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How is No Weigh different from other weight loss apps?

All weight loss apps are the same. The problem is that they do not utilize the most powerful techniques of behavioral psychology. Rather than address motivation directly, they require users be motivated to escape their current body situation so that they may power through unfair restrictions (“will power”). Then, when following the restriction is not sustainable, the program holds users accountable for not being adequately motivated. In the end, these restriction programs promise a lot, but deliver little more than a calculator and some pass/fail indicators.

No Weigh was created by a behavior analyst using the most current research on habit reversal and lasting change. The tools of behavior analysis are integrated directly into the approach.

No Weigh’s artful integration of behavior analysis into its weight loss approach is not even its most valuable feature. Users love No Weigh because of how it makes them feel. While restriction diet programs rely on motivation to escape (negative reinforcement), No Weigh provides immediate access to authenticity, connection, and freedom to engage in your day the way you want it to feel. No Weigh completely flips the weight loss paradigm, and that makes all the difference.

How do I download the app?

The app will be available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in Spring 2023.

How do you lose weight with No Weigh?

An individual’s weight is maintained by their patterns of eating. No Weigh identifies and weakens these problematic patterns in daily life. Users are provided with a fresh start so that they may pursue a better relationship with food.

What are the specific ways users make changes to lose weight?

The general strategy of the behavioral weight loss approach is to first recognize, then respond. Recognizing patterns and the motivation that maintains them is very easy when a behavior analytic perspective is taken.

Short, engaging content is provided to demonstrate this perspective and provide users with opportunities to practice its application. From there, strategies are taught for how to effectively weaken problematic patterns. Daily reflection prompts are designed to apply the content to a user’s own life and to maintain a mood and outlook that supports continued weight loss.

What is behavior analysis?

Applied behavior analysis, or ABA, is an application of psychology principles that aims to better understand problems contextually. A problem’s context includes all of the variables influencing the immediate environment, as well as and the influence of past experiences.

Variables that influence our present environment include how we feel emotionally, how we feel physically, the options for responding that are available, and the environmental cues that have come to our responses. A behavior analytic approach looks at a situation from above, using objectivity to interpret events as they occur while also acknowledging the private events (such as physical and emotional states) that comprise our motivation to respond.

What is the daily time commitment for the No Weigh approach?

In the beginning, users can expect to spend up to 15 minutes per day engaging with the No Weigh app while the approach is being learned.

For users looking to engage further, additional courses and activities are made available but not required. Following three weeks of using the app at least four times per week, time spend can decrease to as little as three minutes daily.

No rule setting

No body shaming

No restrictive diets

No guilt tripping

No weighing

No food logging

a completely new approach to weight loss

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