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How do we change? the question is the answer. Simply by asking how the events in our day are maintained, we reveal what we need to do to make change. Our day is comprised of many responses. We are continually presented with cues and triggers that require us to respond. We follow patterns, where we have a tendency to respond a certain way to the various events of our day. As we grow and change, it becomes necessary to check-in with our responses to decide whether they are still relevant to the person we want to be.


the person you want to be

The No Weigh approach begins with self-awareness. The very first thing users are asked to do to is recognize their patterns in daily life and break them. Rule-breaking is any deviation from the response a person tends to have in a particular context. It includes tendencies that we want to change and also tendencies we want to start doing.
Rule-breaking is not the promise of change, like a resolution, rather it is change. Just by doing something a different way one time, a pattern is broken and a door is opened. It destroys a “have to” and in its place creates a choice. Now the person is free to decide how they want to respond.

be a rule breaker

Self-Awareness in No Weigh

examples of rules to break

Not wearing certain clothing, even if it feels good

Evening snacking

Looking over other people’s bodies to decide if they are more or less fit than we are

Allowing ourselves to be distracted/Retreating to our phones

Having to finish it all

How do we change?
The question, is the answer.

No rule setting

No body shaming

No restrictive diets

No guilt tripping

No weighing

No food logging

a completely new approach to weight loss