Motivation for Weight Loss

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There are many things that make the No Weigh behavioral approach to weight loss different from diet apps. The exclusive use of positive reinforcement is the difference that No Weigh’s creator, who is a behavior analyst, is most proud.

No Weigh users begin feeling better about their weight loss journey immediately. There is no delay—the very act of participating in the approach provides immediate positive reinforcement, which is an endless well of motivation.


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It all begins with what behavior analysts call motivating operations. Motivating operations account for all the internal factors that are at play when we feel motivated. They also explain feeling unmotivated. The experience of having the same daily stressors, only some days are more difficult and other days are more enjoyable, is explained with motivating operations.
Mood is a big factor here. Another important variable is tiredness. Every adult will have these two factors, mood and tiredness, affect their motivation to some degree every day. Other variables that are also different for every person are ability to focus, hunger, pain, ailments that cause chronic pain/discomfort, and unsatisfied needs, such as a body that is frustrated by inactivity.

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No Weigh users manage their daily mood by engaging in positive reflections. When we take time to recall the positive events of our day and something to look forward to, we are actively managing our mood. It extends beyond a simple daily reflection—just by recalling positive events during evening reflection we begin noticing more positive events all throughout the day. Now our daily life is better, when nothing but our attending habits has changed.

Motivating Operations in No Weigh

No rule setting

No body shaming

No restrictive diets

No guilt tripping

No weighing

No food logging

a completely new approach to weight loss