Reconnecting with your body

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Our bodies tell the story of our daily lives. When we feel lost in our days and disconnected from our selves, our body will let us know. When we feel disconnected, the way back might feel complex and difficult. That is just a feeling though. The reality is that a simple first step can immediately set you back on track living the daily life that you want—the one that makes you feel like you.

reconnecting with your body

Small, intentional responses remove the heaviness and create space for you. This is how No Weigh enables users to reengage with their lives and make decisions about how they want their path forward to go. Use of intentions and
reframing events using the long view are two of the more critical applications of behavior analysis to the daily lives of No Weigh users.

Reconnecting with No Weigh

Leveraging the behavior analytic technique of shaping, No Weigh’s Weekly Intention provide users with an area of focus. Change occurs more easily when the process is layered, beginning with intentions that are more accessible for the user (which is individualized based on personal preference, of course). Intentions provide an entry point and a building block for creating a daily life that is more consistent with who you are as a person.

Weekly Intentions, Purposeful Days

Taking the Long View

When unexpected events happen, we have a need to explain them, often with guilt and blame. Alternatively, the events of a day may be evaluated using a bird’s eye view. Looking down, a single event may be understood objectively as part of a larger movement toward change. Once users begin on their No Weigh journey, no single bad day, or week, or holiday season, and throw them off course.

Reconnection begins with noticing the need to feel like yourself again.

Simply noticing and wanting to change the experience of your daily life put the change process in motion and connection naturally follows.

No rule setting

No body shaming

No restrictive diets

No guilt tripping

No weighing

No food logging

a completely new approach to weight loss